Will we see dolphins?

Dolphins do sometimes swim alongside the Yacht's although it is not a guarantee.

What do we do during sailing days?

Lie on the deck of your own Yacht, sweating out the hangover from the night before while the Uncharted playlist gets you excited for another day of drinks with your crew as you sail to the next destination. Look around you as over two hundred new friends are doing the same thing, all together in our fleet of beautiful debauchery.

Somewhere in the distance the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is being blasted out while a bunch of #Lads in Mankini’s attempt to flirt with a boat of 10’s by launching water balloons at them.

You decide you’re too sober and grab an ice cold bottle of vodka from the freezer and start making cocktails for you mates at 10am like an absolute champion.

Over lunch you may be able to visit some of the famous must-see natural wonders of Croatia like the Blue Caves, Green Caves or secret Submarine Bays. In the afternoon prepare for the Raft Party. Where the Skippers arrange our Fleet of Yachts into a circle creating our very own Ocean Pool Party. Every Yacht is a bar, the dance floor is the crystal clear water and your drinking partner is your inflatable Swan. Let the games begin.

What can we do on land during the day?

Hire scooters or Convertible Beetle and drive around the island with your new mates looking for secret beaches, wine caves and castles. Walk around the local towns that haven’t changed in hundreds of years, get an ice cream and head to the beach, go swimming in the sea, it’s all up to you!

What do we do at night?

Devour some of the nicest food you will ever taste at a local restaurant or dine with your crew on the Yacht. We’ll then head back for floating Pre-Drinks before taking you to a number of Beach Parties, Bars, Clubs and Islands. Keep going until sunrise.

I can’t swim, is this a problem?

You’re not a problem. You’re just a nuisance. Please learn the basics before joining us or we will have to provide you with Hello Kitty armbands.

I haven’t received my registration confirmation email, what do I do?

Registration Confirmations have not been sent out yet as people can still sign up with us, you will receive these very soon. When the time comes, we will also post the same relevant information into the Uncharted Facebook Group.

Should everyone sign up for registration, or just the lead passenger?

We advise everyone to sign up individually so that your crew all receive the booking link as soon as Uncharted opens, increasing your chances of securing a place for the Summer.

Do you need to have a group of 9 to book on?

No you do not! Individuals and smaller groups are more than welcome to book with us, in face most people are looking to book this way! We will then allocate groups together onto Yacht’s based on your preference. You will have a chance to look for Crew from within our Uncharted Facebook Group.

If I want to book a whole Yacht for my group, how can I do that and is it cheaper?

Simply select the “Book a Yacht” Option and fill out each individuals details. Yes it is cheaper, you only need a £500 deposit and the total cost is reduced by £20pp!

Is Accommodation Included?

Yes! The Yachts are your home for the week. Each 9 Person Yacht can sleep both yourself & your crew. Think of it as a floating hotel

How much spending money will I need?

Food & Drink in Croatia tends to be pretty cheap. For the majority of the week you will be sailing throughout the day. Crews tend to prepare many of their meals on the Yacht, it’s all part of the experience.

However if the choice of one of the many incredible restaurants is where you would rather be then it would depend on how large you were going at the Bars, Restaurants & Clubs etc.

Are Flights included?

They are not. We wanted to keep open the option for people that may want to head to Croatia a couple days before or stay for a couple of days after.

Do people arrive a couple of days earlier?

Yes. Split is an incredible town with a lot to see and do for a couple of days. Hundreds of bars and restaurants to suit every taste, incredible nightlife, a huge amount of history, markets & day trips. There are a number of Hostels or Hotels we can advise you on. This will also give you flexibility on Flight Options & Prices.

Where are we meeting and Checking in?

Seget Donji Marina (Ul. Don Petra Špika 2, 21218, Seget Donji, Croatia)

Travel time from Split Riva: 40 minute Transfer
Travel time from Split Airport: 15 minute Transfer
Travel time from Zadar Airport: 1hr30 minute Transfer

Are Flights included?

Depending on when you wish to arrive in Croatia there are a number of options.

Split (SPU) Airport
Zadar (ZAD) Airport
Dubrovnik (DBV) Airport

Please keep in mind transfer times if you’re arriving on the 11th. If you need help or advice on transport options on arrival, do not hesitate to ask in the Uncharted Facebook Group or send us an email (

I am arriving before the 11th and staying in Split, how do I get to Seget Donji Marina?

The easiest way would be to meet people with the same plan in our Uncharted Facebook Group
and share a Taxi. It shouldn’t cost any more than £7pp

Please be sure to agree on the taxi price before you get in and pay upfront.

May we sail the Yacht?

Yes! You will have the chance to sail your Yacht yourself under the Skippers guidance and with the Skippers permission.

When do we need to pay our deposits by?

As soon as possible. Due to demand it will be first come first served. Over the Christmas period is advised.

How much is the deposit & when do we need to pay the rest by?

Whole Yacht Bookings:
A smaller deposit of £500 is needed to secure your yacht. The individual price is then brought down by £20pp. We suggest you save this and out it towards your Boat Kitty or Damage Deposit. You will then pay off the remainder over Christmas & January, however we are flexible on extensions, just let us know!

Individual & Smaller Group Bookings:
The deposit is only £99, we advise to then pay £150 over Christmas and the final £150 in January. That way you’re all ready to go!

How hot will it be?

Last Summer was the hottest on record, hitting over 40c. Although it’s usually a very comfortable 25°C.


Of course. We would also like to ask you to apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) FOR FREE. This will make things a lot easier if you do have an accident over the course of the week.

It’s very easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Please apply here:

What currency is used?

Both Euros & Kuna are used however we prefer using Kuna as it’s more fun. You see Euro’s all the time.

Are there any extra costs?

On arrival everyone will need to pay £70, this goes into a 'boat kitty' which will be used to cover the costs you incur as a group throughout the week. These costs include tourist tax, diesel & mooring fees.

Some Crews may want to see or sail to different places, shower longer, some might want to moor on a marina rather than on a buoy and pay for the convenience. We have found this to be the most fair and easy route to take as it leaves the decision with each Yacht & the guests onboard. Any money left at the end of the of the adventure is yours to keep.

Local water taxis are usually between £2-£8 per journey.
Return Coach Transfers to our Castle Party will be £5pp.

There is also a £35 refundable deposit that is need which is returned on departure, in our experience there has rarely been a case where the deposit hasn’t been returned to the guests!