Posted on December 4, 2016

There’s been a bit of a buzz over Croatia in recent months, with many respected publications hailing it as The New Ibiza.  We think it’s a great party destination in it’s own right, and we’re going to tell you just why…

Just as One Direction have been smeared as a wannabe version of The Beatles, Miley Cyrus accused of ‘borrowing’ inspiration from Madonna, Croatia is now being recognised as an up and coming version of Ibiza, ready to usurp it’s ultimate destination title.  As far as we’re concerned, it shouldn’t be a question of which one; both need to be experienced at least once in your lifetime – all you need to ask yourself is which one’s next?

The style

Make no qualms about it, there’s nothing similar about the style of holiday.  Whilst they both have a focus on partying, the way they go about it couldn’t be more different…  Ibiza is about super-clubs, sound systems and sessioning.  Ibiza is established.  Croatia is island hopping, iconic scenery and incredible festivals.  Croatia isn’t the little brother, it’s the exotic cousin that you sometimes see at parties…


The people

There’s a reason that Ibiza draws the crowds.  People are willing to navigate the expense, at least once in their lifetime, so they can feel a spiritual connection to the island that so many others before them have.  You wouldn’t be the first to shed a tear on the way back to the airport, as you wonder why life can’t always be so magical.  Croatia on the other hand, is taking on an exclusive edge, attracting people that like the road less travelled.  It’s easier to pretend that you aren’t doing your liver infinite amounts of damage as you sail from one beautiful island to another.  Pirates are sexy, ditch the bumbag and increasingly tiny shorts and come to the sunny side.


The scenery

It’s the difference between a fit bird that’s had her run around town, and a fit bird that’s been in a relationship since she was fifteen and has just emerged onto the scene, fresh faced and full of innocence.  She’s never once indirectly tweeted about #FuckBoys – chances are you can have a great time with both, but we all know which one you’d rather take on a date…

Ibiza is big, it’s bold and it’s brash and it has been capitalised for tourists.  Completely tailored to the clubbers experience, everything you could possibly want is catered for.  There are even multiple shops for animal themed body paint a la Zoo project, which gives an idea of the numbers that flock to the resort each season.  For a bit of culture head to Old Ibiza Town – treading the cobbled streets on a warm evening after some tapas can be a welcome break from the heavy bass of Playa D’en Bossa.


Practically virginal Croatia echoes a lot of the sentiments that you’ll find in Old Ibiza Town.  The air of an era gone by, you’ll see plenty of fishing boats as the locals go about their daily lives.  The excitement here comes from the plethora of festivals on offer.  Whilst Ibiza has the festival vibe nailed, most events run weekly.  It’s a well oiled machine, Ibiza Does Not Stop, but festivals are few and far between.  We could write a separate blog entirely on all the unique festivals that Croatia has to offer (so watch this space), but the atmosphere of an event swamps the coastline and enchants the air.  Hideout, Love and Ultra are on the up, and have even featured in UK press as a European alternative to Glastonbury.

The variety

Super-clubs are epic – there’s no denying it.  Ice canons, speakers bigger than your house, steely eyed dancers with bodies that us mere mortals can only dream of and crowds upon crowds of fellow revellers.  And the next night, you can go to another super-club.  And the next, and the next…  Let’s face it, you’ll be able to visit a different super-club every night you’re there, and they’ll all morph into one haze of hot bodies, sunburnt faces and eight euro bottles of water.

When it comes to Croatia there’s so much on offer.  Variety is the spice of life – and with comparatively lower prices, you can have as much vodka as your body can handle.  Variety, we mean variety.  Take your pick from beach clubs and parties, floating raft escapades and private island sessions.  Not forgetting private events in King George’s 19th Century castle, with a view that makes a sunset at Cafe Mambo look downright ordinary.  Oh, and there’s a handful of super-club in case you really want to go.


For us, the real charm of Croatia lays in the island hopping experience.  With over 1,000 spots to choose from (yep, impressive stats for one country), the perfect way to explore is on your own personal yacht.  Join our fleet, sail with your friends and soak up some culture, sunshine and plenty of champagne – trust us, you’ll want to toast the impressive scenery.  Unfortunately, the future for Croatia is looking uncertain.  If rumours are to be believed, locals have begun to raise concerns about protecting their heritage.  Whilst Ibiza’s future as a one stop party shop is certain, the clock may be beginning to tick on the fresher face – meaning now is the time to get involved!

If one thing’s clear, it’s that the destinations are competing in slightly different leagues.  If Ibiza has swung it for you, head to Summer Takeover for more information about working a season abroad.  Think that might be a bit chaotic?  Time to put your #LifeOnPause and take the road less travelled then.


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