While flotilla holidays aren't anything new, we're changing the game a little. There are a few key differences that set Uncharted apart from our competitors.

Our Price

Yacht Holidays tend to be for the slightly more affluent. While a number of companies out there charge over £1,000pp, our price opens the incredible experience of a 200 person Flotilla & Island hopping holiday to all.

Our low price also doesn't necessarily mean compensating on luxury! With some stunning upgraded Yachts available, you're not limited in your choice either.

We’ve opened up the world of Island Yachting & Exclusive Travel to all!

Join Uncharted 2017 from as little as £379pp

Our Events

We focus on the parties.
While we definitely consider ourselves a higher class experience than your average holiday, that doesn't mean we take a backseat in the events we put on.

From a 16th Century Castle rave to an all-night private island party, we want you to feel as if you're genuinely living in a dream.

Our Staff

Our Staff are trained on location in Croatia as well as having to have had a vast wealth of experience in the travel, hospitality and events industry.

With managers having worked in the Head offices of some of the largest travel companies in the U.K. as well as running some of the largest student & young professional holidays in the world. We know what we're doing and we tread the perfect line between work & play.

Our Uncharted Staff are there to ensure that you’re having the best week of your life. They'll be your go-to for all event and activity information and they'll jump on-board your Yacht twice a day.

They have all worked for events in Amsterdam, Spain, the French Alps, Italy, Ibiza and in Croatia last Summer.

None of our staff work on commission or ticket sales, they are full time customer service and travel experts, their knowledge is second to none, they know how to enjoy themselves and are there entirely for you to ensure have a good time.

Our Fleet

Our guests are made up of young professionals and students that have experienced the "usual" holiday and want to be part of something incredible.

Something different to set their holiday apart from the normal.

With a mix of people from lawyers in London to 3rd Years in Newcastle, girls Yachts from Nottingham to Boys Holidays from Manchester.

Our guests are looking for a higher class of holiday without the price tag where they can still let loose and have the time of their lives with likeminded people.

With over 200 people in that mindset, you can imagine the atmosphere that is created when you sail and party with Uncharted Croatia.

Our Venues

Trogir Yacht Club

Trogir Yacht

Hula Hula Beach Club

Hula Hula
Beach Club

Club Luna


Fort George White Party

Fort George
White Party

Club Aurora


Closing Party

Closing Party

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